The Original Daiquiri Cocktail

The Daiquri is a classic cocktail which may come as a surprise to many, who have enjoyed the frozen blender variety.  This cocktail was made famous at the El Floridita restaurant in Havana, Cuba early in the 20th century (Hemingway always ordered doubles at El Floridita).This is a very smooth cocktail.  A nice balance between … Continue reading The Original Daiquiri Cocktail

Kiwi Fruit Martini Cocktail

Using the juice of ripe tropical fruit muddled into a cocktail shaker with just a hint of simple syrup and good quality vodka makes for the creation of a modern martini.This martini is delicious, glamorous and proof that simple makes the statement.Kiwi Martini CocktailServes 1 (easily doubled)Recipe from Cool CocktailsIngredients:2 oz. vodka (or more if … Continue reading Kiwi Fruit Martini Cocktail

Getting in the Mood for Summer: Blackberry Blast Cocktail

We picked 40-quarts of fresh blackberries last season.  In order to justify hanging out in the blackberry patch this summer we needed to use the remaining few quarts of berries from the freezer.  What better way to use up the summer stash of berries than making a good cocktail.The warm, soon to be sweltering heat … Continue reading Getting in the Mood for Summer: Blackberry Blast Cocktail

It’s Five 0′ Clock Somewhere- Tequila Oasis Cocktail

It is Friday folks!  You can spice up your fall weekend by shaking up this tequila cocktail for yourself, or this recipe can be easily doubled and tripled, so invite a few friends, to kick-back and enjoy. Tequila Oasis CocktailMakes 1Recipe from Food Network MagazineDirections:Shake 3-ounces pineapple juice, 1-1/2-ounces tequila, 3/4-ounce lime juice and 1/2-ounce triple sec … Continue reading It’s Five 0′ Clock Somewhere- Tequila Oasis Cocktail

Fresh Grilled Pineapple Crush Cocktail

Welcome to the dog days of summer...And the opportunity to rethink your cookout drinks.  Put away your watery beer, and trade it in for something a little extra-special. You deserve better and so do your guests.Fresh Grilled Pineapple CrushRecipe by Marshall Altier, Bartender at JBird Cocktails in ManhattanGrill fresh pineapple wedges over direct high heat … Continue reading Fresh Grilled Pineapple Crush Cocktail

A Modern Cocktail- The Metropolitan

There has been cocktails experiments taking place at my house.  My husband has been looking for a new cocktail to serve up for Valentine's Day.  I do believe he has found one....Say hello to the Metropolitan. This cocktail uses one of the more creditable flavors of the vodkas in Absout's arsenal with good results.The cocktail includes … Continue reading A Modern Cocktail- The Metropolitan