Shout out to all my Peeps

I am late to the party!  

Happy Easter!  

Pink Bunny Martini
Serves 3

1-12 ounce frozen Raspberry Lemonade concentrate
8-ounces gin  (adjust the amount of gin to your own taste)
12-ounces tonic water
In a tall pitcher, mix raspberry lemonade concentrate, gin and tonic water. Blend well. Serve ice cold.
Note: To make the sugar rim. Use white sugar with a few drops of neon color pink food dye or use a very small amount of red food dye and blend well.

20 thoughts on “Shout out to all my Peeps

  1. Love those peeps, Velva! And the Pink Bunny Martini is right up my alley and is a must try with that raspberry lemonade. Hope you had a great Easter!


  2. I admit, that Peeps WERE my guilty pleasure. So far, I have managed to stay away from them (lest I inhale an entire package in a nano-second.) I might do the same with the cocktail. Okay, I'd sip it. It sounds like a cocktail I'd love to have.


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