The Original Daiquiri Cocktail

The Daiquri is a classic cocktail which may come as a surprise to many, who have enjoyed the frozen blender variety.  This cocktail was made famous at the El Floridita restaurant in Havana, Cuba early in the 20th century (Hemingway always ordered doubles at El Floridita).

This is a very smooth cocktail.  A nice balance between sharp and sweet.  Once you find the perfect balance of light rum, sharp citrus juice and simple syrup then you want to stick to those measurements.

Last week when the harvest moon was huge in the sky this would have been a beautiful pairing enjoyed side by side with Mother Nature.

Turn on the music, invite a few friends, and shake-up a few of these cocktails.  The world will be a better place for it.

Original Daiquiri Cocktail
Serves 1
Recipe from Cool Cocktails

2 oz. golden rum
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
2 barspoons simple syrup

Measure all the ingredients and pour into an ice-filled shaker.  Shake and strain into a frosted martini glass.

24 thoughts on “The Original Daiquiri Cocktail

  1. It's sad, but because of my first experiences daiquiris, my favorite ones will always be plain Bacardi light rum, the frozen Bacardi concentrate, and ice. I know that makes me low brow but it's a nostalgia thing, ha ha.


  2. I have such sweet (no pun intended!) memories of daiquiris. My Aunt Rae, who recently died at 90, would make a pitcher of daiquiris (she pronounced them \”DIE – ca – rees\”) whenever we visited. She woud greet us at the door and ask, \”Can I get you a daiquiri?\” Thanks for this recipe – as soon as Mark and I are home from Italy, you can be assured we will be making a pitcher! ~ David


  3. I never knew daiquiris were so simple. I've not had one in years and knowing they're made with only three ingredients makes me want to try one. I remember daiquiris as a disgustingly sweet frozen drinks. I'm having some friends over Friday night and I think I'll make some. Thanks for a great post!


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