Kiwi Fruit Martini Cocktail

Using the juice of ripe tropical fruit muddled into a cocktail shaker with just a hint of simple syrup and good quality vodka makes for the creation of a modern martini.

This martini is delicious, glamorous and proof that simple makes the statement.

Kiwi Martini Cocktail
Serves 1 (easily doubled)
Recipe from Cool Cocktails

2 oz. vodka (or more if you choose)
A dash of simple syrup
1 fresh kiwi
Crush a peeled sliced ripe kiwi in a shaker, using a muddler or flat end of a bar spoon.  Add ice, the measure of vodka and simple syrup to taste.  Shake and strain into a frosted martini glass.  Garnish with a slice of kiwi.

18 thoughts on “Kiwi Fruit Martini Cocktail

  1. Goodness! How gorgeous! I just love that green hue (and I know I would love the flavor!) Thank you for sharing. What a sweet way to end my week (and start the new one!) I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


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