Meyer Lemons: The Joys and Sorrows

I am a guest blogger at  Kitchen Butterfly.  Oz, is a native Nigerian who has a reflective nature about food and culture.  She is spontaneous, adventurous and you will always come away from her blog read with something new.

Oz has fallen in love with Meyer Lemons.  I could not resist bragging and letting her know that my tree this season produced an abundance of Meyer Lemons.  She took me to task for bragging and I agreed to submit a post.

I enjoyed sharing my experience and I hope that you will Click below for a fun read.  This is also a great opportunity to discover a new blog and say hello to Oz who has a passion for everything food.

Meyer Lemons: The Joys and Sorrows

The citrus blossoms have already formed for next year’s bounty and the abundance of bees are helping to ensure a bumper crop.

21 thoughts on “Meyer Lemons: The Joys and Sorrows

  1. Dearest Velva, thanks for the shout-out. Your post was a revelation for me 'cause rarely do we think that good things can be 'too much' and present problems of their own! So, I thoroughly enjoyed your musings and recipes. Thanks for comforting me in my Meyer besottedness!


  2. I enjoyed reading your guest post at Kitchen Butterfly and she does have an excellent blog. I didn't read if you juiced any of the lemons and freeze them? Put the juice in ice trays and after frozen place them in zip lock bags.I have two Meyer Lemons but have them in huge pots on my patio mainly for the fragrance of the blooms. Since they are in pots I don't get nearly enough fruit but am thinking of planting them up at our farm in Grady county.Carolyn


  3. Beautiful photo. I just came home with some Meyer's Lemons from my sister's tree. It was loaded. I like their mild flavor. Great for pies and cakes. I even squeeze the juice on vanilla ice cream. Love it this way.


  4. My folks retired to Venice, FL and Dad enjoyed picking his own citrus fruit. Anne Burrell (Food Network) seems to use Meyer lemons a lot and I think we've had them a time or two. I wonder if you could juice them and preserve just it, either canned or frozen.


  5. This makes me fondly remember and miss the mature Meyer lemon tree we had in our backyard when we lived in SoCal — it produced hundreds of lemons. I used to pack up big boxes of them and ship them to friends and family back east. Now I'm the one back east but no one ships me lemons. 😦


  6. I need to inquire about these lemons here; we use lemons in almost every dish, yet I have never heard of these, other than they are wonderful/ love that blossom clic.


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