A Modern Cocktail- The Metropolitan

There has been cocktails experiments taking place at my house.  My husband has been looking for a new cocktail to serve up for Valentine’s Day.  I do believe he has found one….Say hello to the Metropolitan. 
This cocktail uses one of the more creditable flavors of the vodkas in Absout’s arsenal with good results.
The cocktail includes blackcurrant vodka, combined with cranberry and lime juice.  It’s a fruity cocktail, but one that can sneak up on you pretty quickly if you are not careful.
Metropolitan Cocktail
Serves 1 (easily doubled)
Recipe from Cool Cocktails

2-oz. Absolut Kurrant Vodka
2-oz. triple sec or Cointreau
1-oz. fresh lime juice
1-oz. cranberry juice
Shake all the ingredients sharply over ice and strain into a frosted martini glass.  Squeeze the oil from a strip of orange zest, skin downward over a flame.  Rub the rim with the orange zest before dropping it into the glass.

31 thoughts on “A Modern Cocktail- The Metropolitan

  1. Hi there, Velva, thank you for commenting on my blog. I don't always leave comments on yours but check every new post. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and tips. I wondered where you lived. I would not have guessed Florida, for some reason.


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