Autumn in the North Georgia Mountains

Almost every year we join our friends and rent a cabin together in the North Georgia Mountains.  This is our opportunity to take a break from the daily grind. There are no schedules, no deadlines to meet.  Routine is out the window. Nature is all that surrounds us and it forces us to slow down.
For a few days, I will be less connected to my internet devices and more connected to the people around me.
I don’t have to mention it but there will be plenty of good food to enjoy, and plenty of cocktails to go around.
I will be back next week. 

26 thoughts on “Autumn in the North Georgia Mountains

  1. Sometimes I wish I lived on the east coast, somewhere where the leaves really change. They are just so stunning. Enjoy your time away. I think it is always good to be more connected to people and less to the internet. See you when you return!


  2. such a stunning photo – been thinking about you, was having some trouble leaving comments on some blogs because my computer was being repaired and I was using another computer and browser, but my computer is back and I'm catching up! I am looking forward to making the lemon vegetable soup with cheese ravioletti that you posted back in September….just loving this fall weather…baby is due next week, hanging in there but it's been tough…so tired! more soon, xoxo j


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