11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Hey Velva,Thanks again for posting one of my pics, I'm glad you and your readers like it.This is a picture I took about a a month and half ago in Venice on an unusually cold, windy and rainy day. It was so cold that my wife needed to by a touristy pullover to keep warm (I'd guesstimate below 50F).The treatment of the photo to black and white does make it feel even colder, but it really let the detail of the boats shine. I thought it would be fun to keep one of the boats fully saturated, hence the blue. Sometimes I think this effect is a little overused, you'll see it pretty commonplace on cards or wedding pictures (where just the flowers are in color, etc). I figured I'd try it and because it gave an interesting perspective, it's a keeper :)Ciao,Andy


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