Fresh Figs stuffed with Blue Cheese Wrapped in Prosciutto

Getting ready for the weekend?  The wine is chilled.  We have a spot for you.

The figs are ripe on our tree.  We picked a few to share this appetizer with you, while you enjoy your wine.
Fresh Figs stuffed with Blue Cheese Wrapped in Prosciutto
Serves 6

6 fresh figs
1/4 cup good quality blue cheese
3-4 prosciutto (thinly sliced, cut lengthwise)
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
Turn the oven to broil.
Cut the figs in half, and place a piece of the blue cheese on each half.  Wrap the prosciutto around each fig half, covering the cheese.  The ends of the prosciutto should overlap.
Place under the broiler for 2-3 minutes until the prosciutto begins to color and crisp.  Remove.  Season with sea salt and pepper.  Serve warm.

39 thoughts on “Fresh Figs stuffed with Blue Cheese Wrapped in Prosciutto

  1. My figs won't be ready until late July/Aug. I am going to have to remember this recipe. Thanks. Kat. (I post anon. b/c the other way through re-entering all my info takes too long!)


  2. Man this looks good! One of my fave appetizers of all times, I learned how to make this years ago when I worked for my fave boss of all times Carl, a New Yorker expat restaurateur living in Sydney. The only difference is we drizzled honey over them as well! The photos look great Velva!


  3. You've got FIGS????? Wow! You lucky lady! I made these last year with gorgonzola and they are so delicious, Velva! Your photos are so beautiful too! If you can, would you stop by and add this post to my foodie linkup going on right now; I would LOVE to feature them!


  4. I'd almost drive up there to join you, Velva. But it's my youngest son's birthday on Father's Day…he'll be 50. My YOUNGEST!!!!! I am getting so old. 😦


  5. I have pie tins and strips of plastic bags hanging from the branches of our fig trees in hopes that the birds will leave me a few. If I'm successful, this is definitely on the list!


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