37 thoughts on “Tallahassee Wine Club

  1. Catching up on your last four posts- the pea salad looks yummy, someone brought one for my memorial day bbq, and it had corn, was good! The sliders look great! and of course I want a glass of wine 🙂


  2. I will have a Moscato D'Asti with that sweet looking muffins-cupcakes!They are calling my name. I can even hear them! :)What a great night you had.Mely


  3. Just finished lunch at beachside restaurant, but it doesn't matter… my mouth is watering. Weight Watchers is going to ban your site.The restaurant had two pages of Martinis and Margaritas on the menu. Tried to take a photo, just in case there might possibly be one you've missed.


  4. Holy cow, do those burgers and crazy cupcakes look good! What is on the cupcakes, icing and then chocolate? Mmmmmm…..wine……we'll have to talk about how your wine group works one day, Velva. Enjoy the weekend!


  5. You guys have so much fun! You have a foodie group too, don't you? I wish we had things like that around here.Ummmm…about those cupcakes? I hope it tasted it as good as they looked!


  6. Hi Velva, What a wonderful post! Delicious looking food…my mouth is watering now 🙂 Thanks for sharing.Have a great day,Aldy.


  7. Always a good time surrounding people, wine and food,especially with scrumptious looking cupcakes like those in your pictures.What kind were they??


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