Pear Tini

A perfect social drink.  The color is pale yellow, almost white with an intense flavor of pear and lemon that blend together nicely.   A rim of cinnamon powder and sugar that gives this summery martini it’s fresh taste.

Pear Tini
Serves 1
Recipe adapted from Cafe Firenze

1-1/4 oz (5 counts) Pear Vodka
1 oz (4 counts) Fresh pear nectar
1/2 oz (2 counts) sweet and sour
1/4 oz (1 count) Triple Sec
1 lime wedge (squeezed)
Grab the mixing glass and pour 1-1/4 oz of infused pear vodka then 1 oz of pear nectar.  Make sure it is nectar and not juice otherwise your drink will be runny and flavorless instead of smooth and slick.  Now add the 1/4 oz of triple sec and 1/2 oz of sweet and sour.  For the drink to have the best result it has to be made with the best products!  
Shake it and pour it in a chilled and cinnamon rimmed martini glass and Salute!

28 thoughts on “Pear Tini

  1. I love your drink posts, Velva. I think we could be best friends if I lived closer. I could be your tester! Licking my lips at this one!I saw someone make a pear vinaigrette on the Cooking Channel last week and it looked wonderful.


  2. Okay, wow. That looks outstanding. I bet this is one of those naughty drinks that you enjoy at the bar and then fall straight on the floor when you get up to go to the bathroom 🙂 Well done!


  3. I have some leftover vodka after making the vanilla extract. Do you think I can use the plain flavour vodka too? Hopefully, I won't get drunk. hahaha…. Enjoy your day!Kristy


  4. You always have the most amazing drinks. I like the spice used. Have tried appletinis and they were a bit sweet for my taste – this looks like a go!


  5. You are really tempting me with this one, Velva. I love the flavor of pears. This would be a very special cocktail for a special occasion.


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