Foxy’s Millennium Punch

We are getting ready for our Rum Throw Down this Friday evening.  We have a lot of friends who have joined the competition.  It’s going to be a fun evening.

This is a popular cocktail served on the island of Jost van Dyke.  The owner of Foxy’s Tamarind Bar created this drink for the Millennium Celebration in 2000.  It is our submission for the throw down competition.

Foxy’s Millennium Punch

1 measure white rum
1 measure dark rum
2 measures cranberry juice
2 measures guava juice
1/2 measure lime juice
Note: We considered a measure to be 1 shot

Pour all the ingredients over ice in a large highball glass and stir; Decorate with slices of pineapple and lime.

41 thoughts on “Foxy’s Millennium Punch

  1. I'm not a cocktail person and most of the time stay with white wine, but this is really tempting. This will be perfect for a summer BBQ.


  2. This looks great! I hear 'rum' or 'punch' in the same sentence and think of me floating on the ocean in Aruba, above sunken boats, beautiful reefs and feeding the fish…ha ha \”No more cocktails for that tourist!\” they said…


  3. A rum throwdown! Why didn't I get my invite? Guess I will have to settle for making myself this cocktail. I certainly looks and sounds delicious.


  4. Velva, I'm on Maui and we just bought some rum yesterday. I just might try this tropical delight that you've shared! Your having Friday rum parties/competitions sounds like a great deal of fun! Happy Mother's Day, sweetie!


  5. I had to look up Jost Van Dyke, Velva, had no idea if it was up by you or where it was! Love the tropical flavors including decadent guava. Such a pretty juice too and evokes warm island breezes! sounds like a hit and I'm glad you had fun! Go Girls!


  6. Such a beautiful and refreshing punch…so perfect for a Sunday brunch, or and afternoon break! Love the combination of the light, and dark rum, as well:DDD


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