Joel’s Famous Bagel French Toast

Joel is back!  He has once again agreed to gracefully indulge my blog with one of his family favorite recipes.  He has a unique way of sharing himself and his life, in a style that he can call all his own.  His home is filled with women.  A beautiful wife, and two beautiful identical pre-teen twin daughters, who no doubt keep him on his toes.

If you missed Joel’s first guest post you can catch-up by clicking the link below.

A typical “WFD” (What’s for Dinner?) conversation at the Greene House on any given evening goes something like this (excerpt from a recent email):

“Last night, I decided I wanted waffles with sliced strawberries for dinner.  Ran it by the family.  Jackie says, I’d prefer pancakes.  Haley says yes to pancakes, but wants them with banana in them.  Lindsay says I prefer waffles, but I’ll go with pancakes if we can make them with banana and chocolate chip.  So, that’s what “we”ended up with after I decided that I wanted waffles.  I don’t like living in a democratic household.”

This makes a really good weeknight meal.  My home life during the week is chaotic at best, getting a meal on the table that is fast and tasty is sometimes almost impossible. I plan on serving this up for dinner (Note: In fact, I am trying to figure as I am typing, if I have enough bagels in the refrigerator to serve up this dish tonight before soccer.)

Without further delay, here is Joel’s infamous Bagel French Toast recipe.

Joel’s Famous Bagel French Toast Recipe

This is a simple variation on an old classic, and very simple to make. Instead of regular bread, use bagels for your french toast. The tougher texture makes for a chewier and more tasty bite.  My girls only like plain bagels, but I prefer sesame myself (Oooh, mental note, next time try raisin bagels).

Tear your favorite bagels into small bite size pieces and throw them in a large mixing bowl.  This makes it easier to make sure that they brown evenly on all sides when cooking.

Mix one egg per bagel into a mixing bowl with a little bit of milk, a little vanilla, and cinnamon to taste.

Pour mixture over the bagels slowly, stirring the bagel bites as you pour to make sure that they all get coated evenly.

Put on griddle about 5 minutes or so, tossing them frequently so that they brown, but don’t burn (although I prefer the burnt pieces as they do get crispy).
That’s it.  Simple.  And it always get raves.

52 thoughts on “Joel’s Famous Bagel French Toast

  1. This is INSPIRED!!! Who would have thought? So simple AND it's alread cut into bite sized pieces when you're done! My daughter and I love French Toast. Can't wait to try this next time she comes home!Susan


  2. I've never seen anything like this, Velva! And my mouth is watering. I love the idea; kind of like bread pudding, or soaked french toast. I'd like the crunchy bits too.Can't wait to make this!


  3. I'm so pleased to see all of these comments. I've just told my girls, my identical twin pains in my butt, that they are like mini-celebrities. It's pouring rain outside now. One of them just asked me if she could grab the shampoo and go out on the driveway. The other one asked \”Why not?\” when I replied \”NO!\” I'd like to slap the person that came up with the idea of \”early release\” from school day.BTW people, for another twist on an old breakfast favorite, try this. Make your french toast the way you normally would (with bread) and then instead of a frying pan, place the battered bread on your waffle iron. I call this creation \”Fraffles.\” Bon Apetit


  4. Bagel French Toast!? That's an idea, and it does sound quite satisfying I must say. Plus, those girls are really cute (smile)…p.s. Thanks for your sweet comment, Velva. I do feel that way. Moving is just not fun-a get it over with type of thing!


  5. Guess what the kids begged me to make them for breakfast this morning? It used to be my oatmeal/cottage cheese pancakes which we all enjoyed, but as good as they are, no one ever requests them any more since I came up with the whole bagel french toast idea. I'm thrilled to see so many people have enjoyed this post and this recipe.


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