30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great pic, nothing better than fresh corn! I'm curious about Wordless Wednesday, I see it every once in a while, is it a linky party, or just something folks do? Thanks!


  2. I tried to buy corn at the store the other day and it was horrid. Moldy! I'm hoping to find some at farmers market this weekend and then I'll grill it up and chow! 😉 Great photo!


  3. That photo is beautiful. When I see fresh corn, I'm always reminded of how unfortunate it is that it gets such bad press. Of course, the processed stuff they turn it into isn't good, but fresh, sweet corn from the cob can't be beat.


  4. Back to have a proper browse around and I am now your latest FB fan. Thanks also for visiting my little piece of Italy and becoming a follower, it is much appreciated.


  5. Corn! My first stop in the US as a graduate student was in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Right in the middle of corn field. I did not love the fact that it was NOT LIKE NEW YORK CITY AT ALL! But I did love the Corn Festival every year. Free corn for everyone. As much as you can eat. Yum.


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