Blended Golden Mojito

It’s Summer, it’s hot.  I can manage the Summer heat when it includes the flavors of mint and lime blended into a slushy, refreshing, easy to drink cocktail.

Blended Golden Mojito
Serves 4
Recipe from Bon Appetit

Sugar for coating rims of glasses
1 lime wedge
1 cup gold (not dark) rum
1/2 cup (generous) fresh lime juice
1/3 cup  sugar or light agave nectar
4 to 5 cups ice cubes
12 fresh mint leaves plus 4 mint sprigs for garnish
Place enough sugar on a small plate to reach depth of 1/4 inch.  Run lime wedge around rim of 4 martini glasses to moisten.  Dip rims into sugar on plate.  Blend rum, lime juice, and 1/3 cup sugar in blender until sugar dissolves.  Add 4 cups ice; blend until slushy and almost smooth, adding up to 1 cup more ice, if desired.  Add 12 mint leaves and blend until small green flecks appear.  Pour into prepared glasses.  Garnish with mint sprigs.

Note: For a crowd, you can triple the recipe and pour into a pitcher to store in your freezer for up to an hour.


47 thoughts on “Blended Golden Mojito

  1. VERY nice presentation…….I think I need to move into town and be closer to your home…could you see me coming by and asking to \”borrow\” a cuppa mojito!


  2. My boyfriend and I are moving into a new apt. next week and one of our goals is to make more cocktails (I know, such lofty aspirations). This will definitely be added to the list… It looks amazing!Sues


  3. first of all, mojito is such a fun word to say–you can get really silly with it! secondly, it's DELICIOUS and oh-so-refreshing! yours is particularly pretty, too. 🙂


  4. Those look so refreshing — the perfect drink for a 108 degree heat index!! Your Wordless Wednesday is very compelling too – that lighting on the leaves is gorgeous!


  5. This hands down has been my favorite drink of the summer! We made them AGAIN last night as we have an endless supply of mint in the garden. I must say… ours don't look quite as pretty as yours! We'll try this recipe next for sure, thanks!


  6. Ooh, I need to make some mint syrup. I'm with the last commenter, Velva. This type of drink with lime and mint is the best in summer. Or anytime! Yours is pretty too!


  7. Here I am making soups and living under overcast skies. Heat? I live in California! No matter what the temps are, our TGIF cocktail hour has become a tradition. This is a nice version of a mojito. I hope you find some cool relief soon.


  8. It's a cold winter's day here in Argentina, and I most likely wouldn't be able to find the ingredients for your drink; however, that doesn't stop me from dreaming about it! I bet this tastes so cool and refreshing. I'll have to indulge the next time I'm in the States.Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Greetings from Necochea, Argentina!


  9. This is my first visit here and will not be my last! Your recipes and photographs are wonderful (I've been reading older posts too)! I think anything looks good in a pretty martini glass! Thanks for dropping by!


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