Grilled Bruschetta with Harvarti, Honey and Figs

The party starts here with this fresh and easy appetizer. Be careful this appetizer is sinfully delicious and can be prepared in under 6 minutes.  The Harvarti cheese is great with the sweet figs and the honey.

Grilled Bruschetta with Harvarti, Honey and Figs
Makes 32 appetizers

8 5x3x 1/2 inch slices crusty country-style bread
Olive oil
1 8-ounce piece of Harvarti cheese cut into 8 slices
8 ripe fresh figs, stemmed, quartered lengthwise
Dark full-flavored honey
Prepare barbecue (medium-high heat).
Brush both sides of bread with oil.  Place bread slices directly on 1 side of grill rack; place sheet of foil large enough to hold bread slices on other side of grill rack.  Grill bread until grill marks appear on bottom, about 3 minutes.  Turn bread slices over and place bread, grilled side down, on foil.  Place 1 cheese slice atop each bread slice; close barbecue and grill bread until cheese melts, about 3 minutes.
Transfer bread to work surface; cut each slice into 4 pieces.  Top each piece with fig slice.  Drizzle lightly with honey and sprinkle lightly with fresh ground black pepper.  
Transfer to a platter and serve.

48 thoughts on “Grilled Bruschetta with Harvarti, Honey and Figs

  1. That seems so nice and refreshing, wondering if you could make a fig martini with that? I am sure your mixologist would come up with something!


  2. This sounds and looks delicious! Love the flavors with the figs and Harvarti cheese. I could definitely make a meal of this and must try it! Thanks for the recipe!


  3. I'm hoping I will get a few more fresh figs off of our other fig trees soon. It doesn't take the birds long to find them when they are ripe.Looks good.


  4. Havarti is sort of my chocolate in many ways. It doesn't last very long at all ;o)Now, paired with fresh sweet figs…I'm now in heaven ;)Great easy recipe that can be a great start to any meal. Personally, I would add a great glass of Rosé wine and call it a day!Flavourful wishes,Claudia


  5. I love this, Velva, and will be making it just as soon as we have fresh figs in the market. The honey drizzle is the perfect finish.Happy 4th.


  6. Oh That LOOKS SO GOOD!!!Oh yes… I'm Susan from MyhookandI… I'm a friend on Susan's on here. I just wanted to let you know that I a link on my blog ( myhookandI) for a Yankee Candle coupon that can be printed out if you want to..My favorite scent is Home Sweet home… for now anyway…:-)Have fun shopping!~ Susan


  7. Oh, my goodness, Velva! I am drooling on my keyboard! Thanks for the sweet anniversary wish; so glad it lead me here! I'm signing up to follow along. Your recipes look great! Happy Fourth!


  8. Mmm this looks right up my alley. Honey and cheese with a little bit of fruit are always a winning combination!


  9. My first instinct was to be leery of the figs but you know what I've learned from guava. I denied myself like a dummy all these years. I won't do that with figs. 🙂 Happy 4th!~ingrid


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