35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Velva, what a beautiful bunch and I bet they are super sweet too! What is your growing season up north? Do you guys grow in winter too or does it extend longer into Spring and Summer because you are farther north?


  2. I LOVE those gorgeous purple carrots! I'm going crazy with all the fantastic fruits and veggies that are coming into my farmers market. This is a great time of year…strawberries soon.


  3. Velva – do you see me? On my knees? I would so love to stop missing your wonderful posts. If you had a subscribe by e-mail plug in installed you would have me here with my sweet smiling little face every day! I so enjoy your work, and just do not get here in a timely fashion… and then, I miss you on my site, too!:)Valerei


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