Tallahassee Cooking Club, December 2009

We enjoyed hosting Cooking Club for the month of December. What a wonderful time of year to be able to host friends and enjoy a wonderful meal together. We were really hoping to entertain outside on our patio. However, the weather was too cold for our guests to be comfortable.
This month our dinner theme was Colombian. Colombian food is best described as a blend of European, with aspects of African and indigenous cuisine.
Join me, on a photo journey of a wonderful evening together discovering the cuisine of Colombia.

Appetizers of smoked chorizo and pesto

A seafood ceviche with scallops, shrimp, avocado, red onion, cilantro, orange, radish and cilantro.

A stuffed beef roll (Carne o Posta Rellena) served with roasted sweet potatoes and cassava

A side dish of sauteed asparagus with a hazelnut sauce that included garlic, olive oil vinegar and parsley. Served with lemon wedges and toasted rounds.

A meal being enjoyed by everyone!

For dessert- Dulce de leche and coconut with additional whipped cream and caramel

January’s theme will be focused on New England.

46 thoughts on “Tallahassee Cooking Club, December 2009

  1. Yummmmm!We lived in Tallahassee years ago, when there was only one Chinese place that served great food. Most of what we cooked came from Publix. I missed pizza; but learned to make gumbo and fried chicken.We used to go to Apalachicola for oysters. Lovely.


  2. Velva, what a wonderful way to spend time with friends. The cuisine theme is a marvelous idea to explore the world of different foods, also. Thanks for letting us come along with your photographs. It all looks so festive and delicious.


  3. What great pictures. Everything sounds and looks so good.Love experiencing food from other corners; enjoy!Use to be part of one a Cooking clu; what fun!


  4. Hi, Velva, Thanks for coming to my blog. I can't really comment on this post's dishes, but I can say that I like the stew you posted on the one directly below. That looks delicious! 🙂


  5. A wonderful feast indeed! I love to see people who love and enjoy food get together and share. Your cooking club sounds like so much fun. Love seeing recipes for Colombian food. It's a new cuisine to me.


  6. I love so much that you have this cooking club. It sounds super fun! I need to mass up the number of foodie friends that I have so that I can do something like this. I love that beef roll and the pesto is such a gorgeous green. And dulce de leche rocks my world. Seriously.


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  8. I've always wondered about Columbia's cuisine .. and the table setting, gorgeous and inviting, I wanted to sit right down. The vintage green bowl with white daisies caught my eye too, as I have a few of these.Nicely done!


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