Tallahassee Cooking Club, September 2009

Tailgating is a college tradition and our theme this month was a Gourmet Tailgate.  This evening was proof that you can still throw a kick-butt tailgate at home. We joined our hosts dressed in our best fan gear to eat and watch the Florida State Seminoles play against the Brigham Young Cougars. Fortunate for the Seminole fans there was not an unpleasant moment in this game for them (sigh). For us, too bad they were not hosting their tailgate for this week’s game-oh, not pretty.

As our friends know, we bleed orange and blue for the University of Florida Gators. Did I mention that they were the #1 ranked college football team in the nation? Whew, I feel better continuing my blog post about this great Seminole tailgate party. A Seminole fan we are not, but we can appreciate a good tailgate party and our hosts would do just that.

All cooking club evenings begin with a good selection of wine.
A small plate for two of elegant bite-sized appetizers featuring beer foamed shrimp, cantaloupe and cilantro, honeydew and cucumber, cheese won-tons and salsa, strawberries and spinach with a balsamic reduction sauce and bacon butterscotch and apple.

Followed by a proscuitto stuffed with mozzarella cheese and herbs served on a bed of greens.

A grown-up version of macaroni and cheese

A slow oven baked version of Beef Bourginon

Followed by Mango-Blueberry fool garnished in Florida Gator orange and blue.

After tailgate drinks anyone?

Final Score Florida State 54, Brigham Young 28

We host our next Cooking Club! Our theme will be Colombian. I have been following Erica’s blog and have been inspired by her fabulous Colombian recipes. Please check out her web site at www.colombianrecipes.com

32 thoughts on “Tallahassee Cooking Club, September 2009

  1. Ohj tell me more about your appetizers. I do a \”Cover girl dinner\” every month – where I prepare cover recipes from Bon Appetit and then just go off on my own tangent to round out the meal. I love that they're down-home meals with a foodie touch!


  2. Oh my. I've never been to a tailgate party before. I think after reading through this post and looking at the pictures and wiping drool off of my chin, you have forever \”ruined\” tailgate parties for me. LOL. They'll never be good enough now. 😉


  3. methinks the only thing more fantastic than tailgating would be gourmet tailgating, all of that food looks positively delicious, especially the mac & cheese. pardon me whilst i wipe up my drool. 🙂


  4. What fantastic food for a tailgate. Mr. Mimi, who is a Gator, would appreciate your dessert salute to UF while in Seminole territory.Go Gators!Mimi


  5. This menu looks heavenly! So how does your club work? Does every couple/family bring a dish, or does the host family provide it all? Boy, I am so drooling over here. My tomato quiche is in the oven and after looking at these pictures I'm even more ready to eat it 🙂


  6. Wow, can I come for dinner, I am so hungry just looking at the wonderful items you've made, I also love the sunflower picture…I can't believe you love to serve hor d' just like I do….I have to become a follower…come for a visit,I'ed love to have you…Phyllis


  7. I on my way for the party, except I don't think you need my help, it looks you do pretty well on your own…I wanted to comment on your name, my aunt velva and my mom melva, the only people I ever knew with the name, my mom hated her melva name and changed it to jean but my aunt velva loved hers, as do I…small world


  8. WOW – I love your Mango-Blueberry fool!! I have been experimenting with fools lately 🙂 You gave my a fresh new idea – thanks!


  9. I want to join your tailgate club!!! I, too, bleed orange and blue. But it's burnt orange and navy blue…and I yell War Eagle. Can I still come?Jane (artfully graced)


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