Tallahassee Cooking Club, August 2009

This blog post is dedicated to our Cooking Club. We had another terrific evening filled with fun, food and frolic. Our evening’s theme was Caribbean Fusion. This theme allowed us to take advantage of the abundant summer fruits and vegetables that are available this time of year in Florida. You will see a focus on mangoes, peaches, cucumbers and a variety of peppers. The theme was perfect for beating the summer heat and being whisked away to a cooler place at least for the evening.

The evening began with Mojito cocktails with 3 fresh options to choose from:  A traditional Mint Mojito or you could live a bit on the edge, and select a Mojito infused with Basil or Jalapeno.  For those of you who enjoy these tropical cocktails, never be afraid to experiment! You can muddle (using a wooden spoon or muddler) a variety of herbs and fruits and even peppers! Or you can use new fresh ingredients to infuse the simple syrup that is traditionally used in Mojitos.  This will bring the experience of drinking a Mojito cocktail to a new level.

Our appetizer was Cilantro Crab Cakes with a fresh Peach Salsa on pastry rounds. A perfect opening to a great meal.
A before dinner aperitif….Just a little something to clear the palette.
Always plenty of great wines!
Our salad was a beautiful mango and cucumber salad

Followed by a simply prepared grilled swordfish with mango, cucumber and melon served with a lime sauce and topped with a quinoa and orange salad.

Check out these beautiful biscuits. The basket included a variety of homemade biscuits that included sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and scallions. I am not sure I could possibly name all the varieties that we were enjoying. What I can tell you, I was not able to stop at just one biscuit covered in butter but, at least three!

Dessert was a mango cheese pie! Cool and refreshing.

Finished up our evening eating chocolate drizzled fortune cookies and reading our fortunes to each other.

Next month’s theme is Tailgate.  The college football season begins on Saturday. If you know folks that follow college football, then you know they take their college football seriously. Our family are University of Florida Gator fans ( My Alma Mater)  and we are going to be having loads of fun, eating and tailgating and SMAK talking with our rivals! 
I would love to hear about any great ideas for cooking club themes that you may want to share. We are always looking for new ideas.
If you are interested in starting your own cooking club and need some tips don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to help.

35 thoughts on “Tallahassee Cooking Club, August 2009

  1. How fun. We've talked about doing a food club here but haven't actually gotten around to it yet. Looks like everyone was having a great time. Loved the swordfish with the mangos. I'm looking forward to your tailgate party, especially since you're in Tallahassee and a Gator alum and fan. Reminds me of when I lived in Texas and was an Arkansas alum and fan. I felt like a fish out of water. Thanks for stopping by my kitchen. It gave me the opportunity to visit your blog and meet you.Sam


  2. Yum, yum and yum! The crab cakes looked positively devine – ok, it doesn't take much for me because I LOVE crab cakes. Such a great idea. You've inspired me! Tomorrow morning I'm calling our neighbors and see what we can come up with.


  3. Those biscuits are GORGEOUS! Full of yummy stuff too…I wouldn't have been able to stop at one, either! And the fish with the quinoa with the orange salad with the medley of mango and cucumber and melon? What a tasty and lovely-looking dish! My mouth is absolutely watering! Fantastic dinner!


  4. What a wonderful feast! I'm loving the Caribbean fusion flavors of the dishes! Would love a slice of that mango cheese pie, yum!


  5. Wow Velva. Este clube é tudo! Desejei muito ser Capaz de lá estar. Mas eu sinto que minha energia vai ser bom para perto de você! Ah, eu preciso encontrar uma forma Alargada para formar um grupo para aqui.Parabéns. Atenciosamente, Nil.


  6. What a great dinner theme (resulting in some delicious-looking dishes!) I could use a mojito or two – or three. It sounds like the Tailgate theme will be just as good but I hope the mango cheese pie makes another appearance. 😎


  7. Hi Velva, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! This looks like one fabulous dinner – those cilantro crab cakes especially called out to me. sounds like everyone had a great time.


  8. Thanks so much for stopping by. I love your blog–I have unconfidential cook dinners in which each person brings a dish and recipe. I've had two so far (please check out some of the amazing recipes, all marked), and am planning a third next month.PS Your table looks gorgeous!


  9. Thanks so much for stopping by. I love your blog–I have unconfidential cook dinners in which each person brings a dish and recipe. I've had two so far (please check out some of the amazing recipes, all marked), and am planning a third next month.PS Your table looks gorgeous!


  10. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! (: I absolutely adore your blog and the idea of a cooking club is just awesome! great food, great company and a beautiful table setting!


  11. What a great idea…can't wait to see what you guys come up with for your Tailgate theme. If you aren't already familiar with it, you should check out sunday-suppers.blogspot.com. Its a great blog about food and photography based around a cooking class/dining experience run by two talented women in NYC.


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