Deliciously Dutch

Our vacation began in the town of Terborg, located in the providence of Gelderland, approximately 10-km from the German border. This eastern part of the Netherlands provides a typical Dutch landscape of abundant green space, farms, and bicycle paths in a country where they take their bicycles seriously. So seriously, that they are the only country in the world where there are more bicycles than people. In Amsterdam alone, there are 1.6 million bicycles and only a population of 800,000 people.

Parking garage for bicycles in Amsterdam
The Dutch do not pride themselves on having a world famous cuisine but, that does not mean that there are not plenty of good dishes to be enjoyed. Like most Europeans, the dutch are not preoccupied with nutrition, and diet and the idea of eating healthy. They simply enjoy their food, and they do so, with substantially lower rates of heart disease, cancer and diabetes than their American counterparts.
Americans need to be reminded to enjoy the pleasure of eating. Eating is as much about biology as it is about culture. If you look at our American food culture, we eat in the car, in front of the TV and, increasingly alone. We have a tendency to eat and run, rather than to dine and savor. On this vacation my family enjoyed a sit down meal everyday. The food was uncomplicated in its preparation but comforting and soul satisfying. Food was always enjoyed with good company and a healthy dose of laughter.
Not too mention often followed up by a bike ride through the countryside.

8 thoughts on “Deliciously Dutch

  1. Nice post, Velva, and lovely new profile pic too (right?). It is NOT a good trend in our country that food packaging is increasingly configured into cupholder friendly containers. There probably were no cupholders on those bicycles right?!


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